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Practice Express® provides the medical office with the software needed for efficient and effective practice management by offering packages to resolve two important issues facing medical offices.

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About CareRevolution

For years, medical practices have been forced to rely on a computer system for billing and a manual system for medical records. The only alternative has been to use “integrated” software that doesn’t cleanly optimize the two. Until now. CareRevolution was developed by Electronic Healthcare Systems to help medical practices run more effectively and profitably with a single, point-of-care solution. There’s only one database, so data doesn’t have to pass from one module to another. When CareRevolution is upgraded, everything is upgraded – not just the practice management or electronic medical records. You get more capabilities, not incompatibilities.

CareRevolution was nationally recognized as winner of the first TEPR award for Best Ambulatory Care Practice Management System. In addition to award winning practice management features, CareRevolution allows each physician a unique continuum of electronic medical record applications. EHS allows each physician to escalate usage at his or her own pace.

CareRevolution is designed to be driven by activity at the clinical encounter. This can be accomplished by direct physician input or by no participation by the physician. In fact, within the same practice, each physician can utilize various components of our solution. Our philosophy was to create a revolutionary solution and continuum of services with an evolutionary adoption rate for each physician.

CareRevolution is a single application for practice management and EMR running on world-class technology and an industry standard structured medical vocabulary. CareRevolution allows multiple documentation methods giving physicians the ability to use the product in the way that fits their needs, maximizing physician acceptance. In addition, PIM MEDICAL offers a simple but comprehensive training and implementation program making sure that each customer receives the maximum return on investment.

Why CareRevolution?

  • Check practice performance at a glance.
  • Have immediate access to patient charts.
  • Decrease filing and retrieval costs.
  • Eliminate charge posting.
  • Eliminate lost charges.
  • Increase E&M code reimbursement with confidence.
  • Reduce paper insurance claims.
  • Eliminate paper statement processing.
  • Reduce insurance rejections.
  • Create custom reports "on the fly."
  • Eliminate the use of Superbills.
  • Reduce supply costs.
  • Identify and contact patients for follow-up care.
  • Track patient compliance with protocols.
  • Collect outcomes and utilization data.
  • Access patient and other records from anywhere safely and securely.
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, patient satisfaction, and profitability.